Target audience 
People who are unable to attend live event sessions
• Drive engagement with the brand
• Redesign the client's existing website, which featured information about live events, to include a call to action for their new webinar services
• Create a new website that would contain the webinar information and collect sign ups
• Design multiple print pieces and a CRM email campaign to invite patients to attend the webinar events
This project had to be completed within 3 months, which included creative development, internal and brand reviews, legal reviews, launch, and training of nurses who would be hosting the webinars.
We decided to create a new color palette that would be used distinctively across web and print collateral. This color distinction helped separate the two programs (ie, live events and webinar events).
Working together with the copy team and developers we were able to create the new site in time for the first registered webinar event. 
You can view the full working website here
Print Materials
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